Top 5 Comebacks In NFL History

Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan

I have been a published writer since I was 16 years old. I'm also currently a Staff Writer For Grand Strand,and operate my own Magazine: The Pelican Times. Writing for is by far my favorite publication.I reside in beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
Joseph Morgan

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Warning: These games come from personal opinion, and are all games I’ve watched. In order to watch the posted videos simply click them, and then click the link. Have fun debating!

No. 5: 2014:  The Cleveland Browns vs. Tennessee Titans at Tennessee

I’m going to give the worst team in NFL History a little love with this one. Down 28 to 10 at halftime it looked like QB Charlie Whitehurst‘s Titans had a sure victory when they entered the 4th quarter up 28 to 13. However, Brian Hoyer‘s Browns, (Yes, you are reading that correctly.) scored 16 unanswered points in the final quarter. The comeback was inspired by a beautiful 17 yard touchdown pass from Hoyer who got hot for the rest of the game, and a Cleveland Browns defense that was still allowed to hit hard. With today’s NFL rule changes, there may have been a different outcome. The Browns win 29 to 28.

No. 4: The San Fransisco 49ers Vs. The Philadelphia Eagles at Veteran’s Stadium

(also known as Montana’s finest hour) This one hurts to write about because I love my Philadelphia Eagles. I bleed green, however, I have to give credit where credit’s due. I’ll say this for my team: They may have hit a year off  Joe Montana‘s career in this game with eight sacks and several Quarterback hits. The Eagles were up big and made the 49ers one-dimensional. The legendary Reggie White made life miserable for Joe Cool for most of the game, but Buddy Ryan’s squad still fell short thanks to an inspiring effort from Joe Montana who threw for 4 touchdown passes in the final quarter to win it. This was after he suffered some bruised ribs, and was apologized to at halftime by his offensive line coach for the beating he was taking. There’s no denying that Joe Montana is arguably still the greatest of all time. I’ve never seen Brady do that.

No 3: The Philadelphia Eagles Vs. The Detroit Lions at Philadelphia

At least my Philadelphia Eagles have won themselves a Snow Bowl. (Do I still want a Super Bowl? Heck yeah, but I believe that will come in the Carson Wentz Era.) It may not seem like the most outrages of comebacks given the point differential, but when you factor in that weather it belongs on this list. It looked like a blowout when the Lions were up 14 to 6 in over a foot of snow, and The Eagles QB Nick Foles was struggling until he started to warm up in the third quarter with some nice passes, and throwing an awesome touchdown pass in the 4th Quarter. It was however, Shady McCoy who put his team on his back in a game that made him a Philadelphia Eagles legend as he ran for 2 TD’s in the 4th and ran for an unbelievable 217 yards to help the Eagles score 28 4th quarter points propelling them to a 34 to 20 victory, and put the Lions on ice.

No. 2: New England Patriots Vs. Atlanta Flacons Superbowl 50

Believe it or not several teams have come back from higher point deficits than 25 points. The San Francisco 49ers, for example, were down by 28 to the saints before they came back and won 38 to 35 on Dec 7, 1980. The Buffalo Bills were down by 26 before coming back to beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sept 21st, 1997 as well. Those are just two examples and keep in mind I am only using games I have seen. As a fan of the NFL, I believe that The Patriots have earned their second ring without cheating, and not their 5th. The three games being very questionable: against The Panthers, The Philadelphia Eagles, and Tom Brady‘s first championship Vs. The Rams. Kurt Warner himself The Rams QB at that time has his doubts, as does former Eagles kicker, and current pastor David Akers. Keep in mind this is just a very well researched opinion. They have been caught cheating 10 times by the league for various reasons. I also believe that they did beat Seattle fair and square, and deflate-gate is a joke in comparison to Spygate. I believe there’s no possible way that they cheated against The Falcons in Superbowl 50. It took too much grit, too much luck, and far too much momentum, and The Pats have paved their way onto this list by winning a Super Bowl where they were down 28-3 very late in the game, and they fought and clawed their way to not only the second greatest comeback victory, and a great comeback Super Bowl win, but very arguably the only championship they have won were not even one person has written an article, or complained in a forum, or has personally told me that they think The Patriots cheated. For Patriots fans this is huge, because at the end of the day no matter is your team did or didn’t cheat in the past to win championships, they now have a championship that is both The greatest Super Bowl comeback, but a win in which no one questions whether they won it fairly, because even I believe that they did, I have written articles about Patriot scandals for more than one publication, Not to mention I have a book contract about the history of big games in which they have cheated, and have watched countless hours of game tape on each one. So you have one of the biggest Patriot skeptics calling this game the greatest Superbowl comeback of all time. That’s big, and it was a great game which I enjoyed. Congrats to the undisputed 2016 Super Bowl Patriots. So why aren’t the higher on this list? Why aren’t they number one? It’s very simple to me. They were not on the road. They were not in a hostile land like my number one team. Watch the videos, and then debate.

No 1: The Philadelphia Eagles Vs. New York Giants (The Miracle in The Meadowlands 2)

This game is number one on my list for a variety of reason’s, however, the top 3 are: 1- A punt return with no time left on the clock caps a 21 point 4th quarter comeback?  2-The Eagles needed to win this game to get to the playoffs, and this is how they did it! 3- The Philadelphia Eagles won the greatest comeback (that I’ve seen) In NFL History In New York, which is not friendly territory. Had the Patriots won Super Bowl 51 in Atlanta they’d be at No. 1 on my list, but they didn’t, and honestly, there seemed to be more Pats fans at that game than Falcons fans. This was the greatest NFL Comeback I’ve ever seen and was ranked the greatest comeback in NFL History as soon as the game was over, and yes it’s still debated as such today by many fans, writers, and experts of many kinds. It’s still number one on my list, and it’s not because I am an Eagles fan, but for the 3 previously mentioned reasons. They were down 24 to 3 at the half, 31 to 10 with only 8 minutes and 30 seconds left in the 4th, and they still found a way to win. We all know the story. Vick Hit’s Celek for a very quick TD strike, then Jackson helps, Then Vick takes one in on a QB sneak to make it 31 to 24. (Making Giants fans very nervous, and myself too even as an Eagles fan.) Then Vick hits Maclin again for his second TD catch of the game to tie it with not much time left. The Giants are forced to punt, and I’m thinking as well as everyone else that The Eagles will win this one in OT. No need, as Desean Jackson takes the punt all the way to the house as time expires, and the Eagles won the game 38 to 31, which would earn them a division crown, and a playoff berth. Now again I urge all my readers to watch the highlights and to be your own judges, just as I have done. Am I right? Am I wrong? (I don’t think I am.) I am happy to answer any questions and reply to any comments.


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Joseph Morgan

I have been a published writer since I was 16 years old. I'm also currently a Staff Writer For Grand Strand, and operate my own Magazine: The Pelican Times. Writing for is by far my favorite publication. I reside in beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Latest posts by Joseph Morgan (see all)

Joseph Morgan

I have been a published writer since I was 16 years old. I'm also currently a Staff Writer For Grand Strand, and operate my own Magazine: The Pelican Times. Writing for is by far my favorite publication. I reside in beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

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