Super Bowl XXIII The San Francisco 49ers Vs. The Cincinnati Bengals

There’s more than one reason Joe Montana is still the G.O.A.T. 1: He never had to cheat. 2: This Game. Down 16 to 13 San Fransico got the ball back at their own eight-yard line with 3 minutes and 10 seconds left to go.The 49ers marched down the field 92 yards and scored the game-winning touchdown as QB Joe Montana hit WR John Taylor with only 35 seconds left to go to win it 20 to 16. Before the drive QB, Joe Montana entered the huddle and spotted Actor John Candy in the stands then proceeded to ask him teammates “Hey isn’t that John Candy”? This before he would start the most important and impressive game-winning drive in his career. This earned Montana the nickname Joe cool for his calmness under pressure.


Super Bowl 50: The Denver Broncos Vs. The Carolina Panthers

The NFL dropping the Roman numeral nobody ever wanted did not disappoint in this game and hasn’t since. If you enjoy great defense as much as I do then you had a fun time watching The Broncos and LB/DE Von Miller upset QB Cam Newton and The heavily favored Panthers in this ball game. The Broncos won the game 24 to 8 and shocked everybody by making mobile QB Cam Newton look more like QB Ryan Leaf. Von Miller alone sacked Newton on three occasions which earned him Super Bowl MVP honors. QB Peyton Manning had an average game at best but was able to do enough to win because of the outstanding effort that his defense and RB C.J. Anderson who ran for a pair of TDs gave him. While this game may lack the great storylines of some other Super Bowl winners it still makes a loud statement which is defense can still win a championship.


Super Bowl XLIII: The Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Arizona Cardinals

Let me start by stating that I don’t like the Steelers all that much. Pennsylvania belongs to The Philadelphia Eagles, The Liberty Bell, and The Declaration of Independence. That being said unlike my friend Skip Bayless I’m able to give credit where credit is due, and The Steelers earned this Championship in stunning fashion. The Steelers Uniforms may be the ugliest in The NFL, (that bumblebee black and yellow is super annoying to look at.) but the team played beautifully in this game on both sides of the ball. After The Cardinals took a late one touchdown lead with only 2 minutes and 37 seconds remaining in the game via a Kurt Warner to Larry Fitzgerald 65 yard catch and run The Steelers responded by marching 78 yards down the field and connecting on a game-winning TD in which QB Ben Roethlisberger threaded the needle to WR Santonio Holmes between 3 Arizona Cardinal DBs. Holmes got both feet in by about half an inch, and the catch would net him the games MVP award.


Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots Vs. The Atlanta Falcons

It’s quite possible that The Falcons will not recover from this one for decades. We all know the story here. The Atlanta Falcons took a commanding 28 to 3 lead midway through the third quarter. The only problem? Well, firstly they became way too conservative on offense, but more importantly, they still had a quarter and a half to play against the Patriots who have a knack for comeback wins, to say the least. Over half of the NFL world will always point to the Patriots as the team that has cheated the most in big games to achieve success. This isn’t a farfetched theory as the team has literally been caught cheating an NFL record 6 times since 2003 by the league. This does not include many other accusations. There’s no doubt in my mind that The Patriots have a two-decade-long history of bending the league rules. That being said I’ll even admit I don’t believe there’s any way that they cheated in this one. This is the one NFL Championship that they won fairly and without question. To be clear I’m not saying that this is the only Super Bowl that The Patriots have won fairly. I’m saying this is the only Super Bowl Championship they have won that cannot be questioned. The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history happened because the Patriots scored 25 fair unanswered points on Atlanta’s defense which included a two-point conversion near the end of the fourth quarter (57 seconds left) to tie this game up at 28 all. This would send the game into overtime and become the only Super Bowl in NFL history to have an overtime period. In overtime, The Patriots who clearly had all the momentum at this point won the toss, got the ball and quickly marched 75 yards down the field to score the games winning touchdown as RB James White took the handoff from QB Tom Brady and ran in for the game-winning 2-yard score.


Super Bowl LII: The Philadelphia Eagles Vs. New England Patriots

The number of experts, analysts, journalists, beat writers, and NFL fans that gave Philadelphia a real chance to win: 2 or 3. The number of experts, analysts, journalists, beat writers, and NFL fans that seemingly knew that this game was already in the books as The Patriots 6th Super Bowl Victory: The rest of the football world. This made this football game the biggest David Vs. Goliath matchup In NFL Super Bowl History. The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the NFL world by upsetting the Patriots 41 to 33, and boy was it fun to watch. Many thought that The Philadelphia Eagles had no chance to win with backup QB Nick Foles starting in place of injured starting QB and regular season MVP candidate Carson Wentz despite the fact that Nick Foles and The Eagles had just trounced The Minnesota Vikings and their top-ranked defense 38 to 7 in the NFC Championship game. The Eagles proved everyone wrong and did so mostly on offense. QB Nick Foles outdueled QB Tom Brady as he threw for three TDs and caught one on the trick play known as “The Philly Special” as well. (Gutsy call by Philadelphia Eagle’s Head Coach Doug Pederson) Both teams combined put up 1,081 yards combined in this game which is the most in any NFL game in NFL history. The Patriots surprisingly trailed all game until QB Tom Brady hit TE Rob Gronkowski for a TD to go up 33 to 32. Even I thought that the game was likely over after that play. Luckily The Eagles had another drive up their sleeve as backup QB Nick Foles drove The Eagles 75 yards down the field on a very exciting drive that included successfully converting a 4th and one at their own 45 yard line and a beautiful 9 yard catch and run from Nick Foles to TE Zach Ertz who dove into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown giving The Eagles a 38 to 33 lead with 2:21 remaining.

Image result for brady strip sackNeither defense could get a stop until The Eagles finally came up big When DE Brandon Graham strip-sacked QB Tom Brady and DE Derek Barnett recovered the fumble. The Philadelphia Eagles tacked on an important field goal giving them a 41 to 33 lead and victory after a last-ditch effort hail mary pass fell incomplete and the clock hit zero ending the game and giving The Philadelphia Eagles a well fought and well deserved Super Bowl victory.


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