While The NFL is by far the most popular pro sport in the country its annual all-star game known as the Pro Bowl is a complete and utter joke. It by far has the lowest ratings of any such pro sports collection of best players competing against each other. It even trails the NHL Hockey All-Star Game. No offense to hardcore Pro Hockey fans but that is not good.

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Nobody takes the game seriously and if you can sit through the game then you deserve a free gift certificate to Apple Bees on behalf of NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell. The Players themselves could care less about the outcome.

It doesn’t garner the same attention as Pro Baseballs All-Star Game which includes an always fun Home Run Derby. The NBA All-Star Game is also Superior thanks in large part to the Dunk Contest before the game. While the NFL does have a skills showdown its just not the same.

When the game finally kicks off you’ll feel like you’ve had an Ambien by halftime. It is almost a game of two-hand touch where the best players from the NFC and the AFC square off, and while they’re supposedly coached the players do whatever they want for the majority of the game.

I really love NFL football. It’s my favorite sport to watch. The way the Pro Bowl is handled depresses me. So then how can The NFL make it better you ask? For one they can include the physicality that NFL football games entail in the regular season and the playoffs. They can motivate the players to actually hit by increasing the 60 thousand dollar game-winning prize. They should keep the hot hand in at Quarterback for each side for the entirety of the game to make it more competitive. I would like to watch the best players play for the duration of the game rather than no-name hand me down alternates that are only in the game because better players are either injured or competing in the Super Bowl.

The biggest problem the game has is its timing. For example, I would much rather watch QB Carson Wentz (when he’s healthy or a QB of his caliber) and the best of the NFC versus QB Tom Brady and the best of the AFC in a hard-hitting game that matters to someone not named Kirk Cousins. The game needs to take place after the Super Bowl so that matchups like this can take place! I don’t want to watch three Quarterbacks for each team taking turns throughout the course of the game.( By the way, why the heck was QB Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders even in this year’s Pro Bowl in the final quarter of the game after the horrendous season he had?!)  The outcome should be a matter of pride for each side rather than the snoozefest that’s currently on every year.

Hopefully, the NFL makes some changes to this game but for now, you can count me out as one die-hard NFL fan/writer who will no longer be watching this particular game until/if it actually ever changes.


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