Professional C-41 35MM, APS (Advantix), 120/220 Film processing developing by mail order.

Unprocessed C-41 35MM film is basically like a time capsule that contains precious memories. Get those C-41 film canisters developed before you lose all those precious memories. The longer you wait to get these films developed (processed) the 35MM-Film-Processingmore the photographic emulsions start deteriorating. It's becoming so hard to find a place to develop C-41 35MM film. There is millions of undeveloped film laying around peoples houses that need film processing. Photo-60 offers professional C-41 film developing and printing. Standard turn-around is 4-5 days once your film is received in our lab.


What types of Film Developing Services do we Offer?

  • We offer Film developing only. If customers only want the film developed with no prints and no scanning.
  • We offer Film developing and Scanning. We can either scan the film onto a DVD or upload the images to a Dropbox Cloud account so customers can download the digital images to their computer.
  • We also offer Film Developing, Printing and Scanning of your film. You can also order prints in sizes 4x6 and 5x7.


How to Order?

1: Get all your 35 mm C-41 film together

2: Place Order Online. Click Here to purchase Film Developing Services. Once you check out you should see a PDF Voucher that you can download on the left hand side. Download and print that Voucher and place it the box that you are shipping. That Voucher contains all your order info.

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3: Ship your 35MM film along with the downloaded and printed PDF Voucher to 2602 Morse Lane, Woodbridge VA 22192. Make sure you package your order securely.

How Long Does Exposed Film Last?

--How long a film lasts depends on how it was stored. If the film was kept in a cool place after its expiration, then you'll receive images that are better then if the film was kept in a cars glove compartment. The image quality that you receive will all depend on how the film was stored. I've had customers develop film over 20 years later and still receive decent prints. If
they would have developed the film right after the film was exposed the image quality would have been much better.

Consumer grade C41 (color print film like Kodak Gold and Fuji Superia) has a pretty long shelf life and does not need to
be refridgerated, however, the further out from its expiration it goes, the less accurate the colours will be and the darker it will expose.

--Professional grade C41 (color print film like Kodak Portra and Fuji Pro) does not have much of a shelf life and you'll see pretty strong color shifts very quickly after expiration or even before expiration if the film was not refrigerated.

Celebrating 20 years of C-41 film processing and developing. Serving customers in the Washington DC, Virginia (VA) and Maryland (MD) area.