This is one of those nights where I wake up after being totally exhausted from everything and realise, sports is a thing people take as an escape. An escape from the problems of the world, their work, their family issues, everything. A diversion in our worlds.

And then, you draft a team, which looks good on paper.

That was my week 3.

Now, for something really special. Recapping last week and where I am heading this week.

From the Tao of Dabear: never draft with your heart.

QB: Derek Carr, Oak. FP 7.22

Yay or Nay? Well, considering all things, I have to say I was beyond disappointed. Was Washington that good, or was Oakland that bad? All things considered, I have to be wary, and his QB rating took a hit all the way to 52.7. NAY.

Other options: Well I hate to say this, and in another article, I succumbed to the name of Brady. His QB rating was well near 150 last week, and he’s averaging 21 FPPG. The other QB I might suggest is Rodgers from Green Bay and Ryan from Atlanta.

Fun fact: Ryan has the best QB rating of all QB’s playing right now.

RB: Hunt, KC. FB 24.8

Yay or Nay? Yay. Obviously you don’t give up a guy who produces 24 points, and he was one of the leading players for FPPG last week. He’s got an extra day of rest with a Monday night game going on, so that’s in his favour. He is facing the ‘Skins that took down Oakland, so who knows?

Other options: I still like Fournette in Jacksonville. Jax has a lot going right now, especially with that thumping they gave Baltimore last week in London.

RB: Montgomery, GB. FP 9

Yay or Nay? This is debatable. I really need a player to get into double digits. That’s the only way I can win. He’s on the bubble today. The Pack are playing Chicago, in what might be a good game for Montgomery, but on any given Thursday….

Other options: Bell of Pittsburgh. I’ve drafted him before, and his numbers rock. He had 18.8 FP this past weekend, and might be the choice. Gurley II of Los Angeles is another choice. His FPPG of 26.2, hands down, is definitely worthy of giving him a spot on the roster.

WR: Crabtree, Oak. FP 1.2

Yay or Nay? Nay, just for the fact that he’s out/questionable with a chest injury. I don’t take chances I don’t need to make.

Other options: Freeman of the Falcons is averaging 18.4 FPPG, and that’s a very good number to have after three games. The Falcons have come out of the gate looking really good, and that’s an opportunity that must be considered. They are playing Buffalo though, and Buffalo is actually not looking so bad so far….

WR: Brown, Pitt. FP 22

Yay or Nay? Yay, indeed. He’s such a great player to have. I like him and that’s the bottom line. He’s given me points all three weeks.

Other options: Diggs, Minn. He had 33.33 FP this past Sunday, and that’s just freaking amazing! He’s definitely the choice out of the block. The only issue is they are playing Detroit.

WR: Agholor, Phi. FP 3

Yay or Nay? Well, Agholor did not produce for me after having two great weeks when I did not have him on my team. Again, the problem here is that there is that chance of him breaking through for a better game, but that’s to be considered.

Other options? ODB of New York. After missing the first game, ODB is averaging 15 FPPG, for a team that’s lost its first three games. One of the things that’s going to be seen on any poor playing team is one player standing out. You might even call it the “OJ Factor,” where a lowly team has the star to be spoken of.

TE: Harris, KC. FP 0

Yay or Nay? No, no, a thousand times no. No points means no opportunity to win. That might make me sort of shaky, but I don’t play a player when he doesn’t produce anything.

Other options: Gronkowski of New England (second mention of that dreaded team!), had a stellar game again. I also like Ertz in Philly. Either one will probably get some good chances in their respective games. Although they are playing tough teams, especially New England at Carolina, they always seem to be able to do something.

K: Tavecchio, Oak. FP 4

Yay or Nay? Tavecchio still has an average of 10.7 FPPG, that it may still be an acceptable choice to have him on the team. One bad game that is nothing that has to do with his own opportunities versus the offense, there is the option of hope. I’m on the fence on this choice.

Other options: Bryant of Atlanta is at 13.3 FPPG, and again, that’s quite an attractive number. I used him the first week, and his output was awesome. Should I draft him again? On my second team of course.

D: Detroit. FP 13

Yay or Nay? Yay. Detroit is actually a darn good looking team at the moment. Everything is moving in the right direction for the Lions, and you cannot overlook that. They are playing in Minnesota, and that’s a possible trouble point with the noise of those fans, but still, definitely worth considering.

Other options: Jacksonville. Yes, you read that right. Jacksonville is 2-1 for a reason, and they tore the pants off of Baltimore, and they can probably do it again, against those hapless Jets! (How the Jets won this past weekend still boggles my mind.)

So there you have it. Recapping a disastrous week and a new week filled with the opportunities to win.


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