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Hey there sports fans, it’s greycloudbear here giving you a wrap up of one of my personal team picks, and whether I would use them again in week two, if available. This team came up 6 points short of paying off while the top pick got 167ish points on fanduel versus my 98ish. It wasn’t brutal, but more like heartbreaking if you get my drift.

So here we go!

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay. FP 12.54

Yea or No? I’d say, yea, based on the fact that he put up “DECENT” numbers. Obviously, he could have done better, but this is a team still moving forward. I think that as we all think, (I hope at least), that the first week is nothing more than a real practice game.

Alternate choice? Goff, LA Rams. He did look good in week one.

RB: Marshawn Lynch, Oakland. FP: 9.7

Yea or No? Yes it is going to be, and I know, and I will hear it forever, that I am a homer for Oakland. Yes. I admit it, but, I also admit that I have drafted Lynch for four years straight, and he never failed me! NEVER! So, I’m sticking to my guns and staying with him.

RB: Christian McCaffrey, Carolina. FP: 9

Yea or No? I’m again going to say yea. I know, another bay area prospect, but I’ve been on the east coast for like ever now, and still see the potential in drafting him. He’s just going to get better. He’s had little play time with Cam Newton, and I only see more points coming down the wire!

Alternate choice? Fournette, Jacksonville. Did you watch him? He’s got ROY written all over his jersey!

WR: Michael Crabtree, Oakland. FP: 11.3

Yea or No? I’m going to say yes. They are playing the Jets in Oakland this weekend. You know he’s got a lot of fight in him and I think he’s going to rock the Jets once again.

WR: Antonio Brown, Pitt. FP 23.7

Yea or No? Absolutely 110% yea. If anyone stuck out on my team, it’s Brown. And damn the immaculate reception of he’s going to give me a decent set of points!

Taylor Gabriel, Atl. FP: 5.1

Yea or No? NOOOOO! This guy isn’t getting me anywhere, anytime soon! He needs to pick up his game, especially when compared to last year’s numbers, which is why I drafted him in the first place.

Alternate Choice: Garcon, SF. He’s the best thing on a strictly horrible team.

TE Greg Olsen: Car. FP: 2.8

Yea or No? No, no, a thousand times no! This is not going to cut it on my team. Just imagine if he and Gabriel, actually went into double digits? Cha-ching!

Alternate choice: Austin Hooper: Atl. He had the best FP in last week’s games. Much, much better than Olsen, doncha think?

K: Matt Bryant, Atl. FP: 12

Yea or No? Yes, and he did a great job at kicking this past weekend. I was more than happy with his production and results. I would definitely draft him week two.

Alternate Choice: Tavecchio, Oak. He played well while Sebastian sat out. Do you think Janikowski is going to play while Tavecchio has the hot foot? I think not!

D: Arizona. FP: 8

Yea or No? This is another team, I drafted because of their numbers, actually, all of the players on here, I drafted from by their numbers and rankings from last year. Did they all come to play? No! Arizona’s defense looked mediocre at best, and they definitely didn’t help the offense out at all in keeping the score down. I’m looking elsewhere folks.

Alternate choice: LA Rams. Seriously! They had the best FP with Jax in week one, and they are playing Washington.

So, let’s see what happens this week with my new choices. I’m not going to let you in on my choices until the day after, so it’s a surprise for both of us!

See you next Tuesday!


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