Welcome to the Monday edition of the GF2 Spreadsheet. The last one I posted did fairly well, but an injury to Kristaps Porzinigis hurt its overall numbers as he was the No. 1 graded player on the slate, but only played the first half.

The Monday slate is your typical large Monday night slate. We have 10 games on the docket tonight, including a doozy of a game — at least for our purposes — the Warriors in L.A. to play the Lakers. I don’t have to do a spreadsheet to tell you there will be some good plays from that game.

The spreadsheet should be up around noon. I’m working on a few modifications that I hope to bring live in January. I’m looking to include some type of indicator that will alert you when a player is on a back to back. I’m not sure if it’ll be a color code or what yet, but I hope to have it out in the next update.

I’m also looking at how to incorporate “implied totals” or “implied score” into the overall algorithm as well as overall team defensive efficiency. These are much more complicated than the back-to-back indicator, so it may take a few beta tests before I’m ready to launch it.

As always, I will have the spreadsheet up around noon, so be sure to check back…

NOTE: I know some Facebook users have had some issues accessing the spreadsheet link after I’ve uploaded it. The issue is with Facebook’s “instant articles” cache. Long story short, I’m going to stop using the Instant Articles plugin for this column. That should fix the issue. 

NOTE**: ATTN: Facebook users. Unfortunately, I forgot to uncheck the box that sends this article to instant articles so the link may not work for you “inside” Facebook on a mobile device. However, if you open this article in a browser, the link should work. 

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Here is the spreadsheet for today as well as the “how to use the optimizer” video…


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