We all know to buy low on Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski, and to sell high on Derrick Henry. So let’s dig a little deeper to find some under the radar buy low, sell high candidates. While they are much riskier they could be the difference maker this season.

1Sell High

RB Alvin Kamara, NO

Now that I have your attention I urge to put emphasis on the “sell high” here. By no means am I saying I would go out and sell Kamara just to get rid of him. Instead, test the market and see if you can find someone who will overpay. Let’s be real, 1,500 yards and 13 TDs will more than likely be the best year Kamara ever has in the NFL. While his production is undeniable, it’s also unsustainable. To go along with these number that are near impossible to replicate also consider this; Drew Brees is 39 and Mark Ingram is in the final year of his contract. The Saints may be in rebuild mode very soon, and Mark Ingram leaving actually hurts Kamara’s fantasy value. I’m not saying to sell him cheap, but at this point, many dynasty owners will pay a small fortune for this former Tennessee RB. I try and remember this rule while trading “every player has a price”. Right now Kamara’s price is astronomical. So sell high, REALLY high.

2Buy Low 

RB Elijah McGuire, NYJ

Don’t overlook this New York tailback. In the mess that was the New York Football Jets last year, McGuire did show some upside. Week four was McGuire’s “breakout”, where he ran for 93 yards on only 10 carries and found the end zone against the Jacksonville Jags. Matt Forte announced his retirement, and Bilal Powell (soon to be 30) proved he isn’t a three-down back. This gives the second year running back tremendous potential. The 5’10” 214 pound back has shown the ability to block and catch out of the backfield, so it really just comes down to opportunity. The Jets will pass on a running back early in the draft with the recent signing of Isaiah Crowell. McGuire will be the change of pace back, but the Jets will be playing from behind a lot this year so that bodes well for McGuire. While he may not be a flashy pick, take a look at what Duke Johnson was able to do alongside Crow in Cleveland. McGuire caught 17 passes for 177 yards last year in limited work. If the Jets are smart they will look to the future with Elijah McGuire and make him the next great scat back in the league. Considering he is currently the 69th ranked dynasty RB on fantasy pros, what more could you ask for in a buy low candidate? Even if McGuire never reaches his full potential, the price is so low you have to take a chance.

3Sell High

WR Stefon Diggs, MIN

I had to grab the tissues for this one. Last year Diggs was one of my favorite buy-low guys, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger fan of this electric WR. That being said, to improve your team you have to know when to sell. We were reminded of Diggs’ upside after his game-winning TD catch to beat the Saints. As explosive as he is, Diggs has failed to reach 1,000 receiving yards or double digit TDs in his first three years. The 24-year-old wideout has also been injury prone which is a red flag for dynasty owners. Mix that with a new QB with maybe too much hype in Minnesota, and I will gladly sell high on the hype. I hope Diggs proves me wrong, but this could very well be the highest Stefon Diggs’ dynasty value will ever be.

4Buy Low 

WR Corey Davis, TEN

Corey Davis AKA the 2017 rookie 1.01. I’ll admit 34 receptions for under 400 yards was a lackluster rookie season. Unlike running backs, wideouts typically take longer to excel at the NFL level, and Davis is still a young freak athlete on an up and coming Titans team. Tennessee spent a first round pick on this Western Michigan stud, and the dynasty community exploded. Just one year later the same people are selling CD for half the price they paid. Marcus Mariota experienced the dreaded sophomore slump at QB last year. I contribute most of his struggles to injury concerns and play calling. After Mariota returns to form, and with the departure of Eric Decker, the opportunity for Davis is as high as you will find. The Titans drafted Davis to be their WR1, and with a second year to build chemistry with Mariota he will be just that. If you need any more reason to buy in just watch his one-handed TD snag against New England in the playoffs. Get used to seeing those type of highlight-reel plays from Davis, buy low while you still can.

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