Four Down Territory: NFL Week 1

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Man, it’s great to be back.

Football is officially back which means Four Down Territory will be hitting the scene every week giving you more heat than a Pam and Martin roasting session.

Let’s start the drive.

1st Down:Β I never want to hear the NFL say anything about player safety again. Sure, they’ve talked about adding another game but everything has been intangible; ideas floating around the men in charge.

After Hurricane Irma was scheduled to hit Florida the NFL made the correct decision and cancelled the Dolphins/Bucs game so athletes and teams can evacuate themselves and their families.

That’s the only thing they got right.

Instead of moving the game to a stadium that wasn’t being used (Lincoln Financial Field, M&T Bank Stadium, and Bank of America Stadium to name a few) the NFL decided to reschedule the game to week 11, which happens to be both teams bye week. If you aren’t putting the dots together that means both the Dolphins and the Buccaneers will have to play 16 games in a row.

That’s insane and extremely unhealthy.

Bye weeks were designed to give players rest during a season that takes an extreme toll on their bodies. By taking it away both teams are at a higher risk of injury. Roger Goodell enjoys botching investigations and it seems he enjoys screwing teams over as well. I guarantee the owners of both teams aren’t happy with ol’ Rog right now.

On a serious note. The past week we have seen devastating natural disasters that have changed people’s lives forever. Many have lost everything and others have paid the ultimate price. Please, if you have extra please donate to relief efforts to help those in need. Every single dollar counts.

Barbuda Relief Fund

Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey Relief FundΒ 

Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund

2nd Down: Stand up, #ChiefsKingdom. On Thursday Kanas City did something that’s never been done.

Beat Tom Brady in the fourth quarter while he held a lead.

Before Thursday the Patriots and Brady were 105-0 when going into the final quarter with a lead. After three New England was up 27-21. They ended up losing 42-27.

Let’s put this in perspective; the Chiefs aren’t a bunch of scrubs. I think they’re going to win the AFC West and have a great shot of making it to the Super Bowl. Alex Smith is flawed but he has every toy around him to succeed. Eric Berry‘s season-ending ruptured achilles will make the path a lot harder but I still think they’ll get it done. I have them going 11-5 if you want to keep score.

While we’re talking about the Chiefs let’s take two minutes and nineteen seconds to recap Kareem Hunt‘s coming out party.

Also, calm down Boston. No need to panic, yet.

3rd Down: Earlier this year ESPN reported that there was a rift in Seattle’s locker room. Among many differences one of the main causes of anger was that Seattle’s defense, specifically Richard Sherman, felt that Wilson and the offense weren’t doing their part and that Russell was getting special treatment.

After losing to the Packers Sunday I can understand the frustration.

The Hawks defense held Aaron Rodgers and that offense to 17 points in Lambeau while Seattle’s offenses could only muster three field goals.

I believe the problem doesn’t fall at Wilson’s feet (their offensive line is below average) but, as the great Cottonmouth Stokes beautifully visualizes, heavy is the head that wears the crown. If Seattle keeps losing in this fashion then Sherman’s true feelings will most definitely simmer to the surface.

4th Down: The Vikings, Jags, and Rams looked great this week. Sam Bradford looked like the number one overall pick, Bortles didn’t implode, and Goff actually thew it to his teammates.

That’s cool and all but I’m not buying any of it.

I’ve been watching Bradford too damn long to fall for his performance Monday night. I give him two weeks before he’s back to being Sammy Sleeves (s/o to Jimmy Kempski for the nickname) and throwing the ball four yards on 3rd and 11.

Bortles is gonna Bortles. Don’t buy one share of that stock.

Goff might make it. He has weapons and a coach that actually knows how to use his skillset. He’s still behind in regards of playing like the number one overall pick but Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ll remain hesitant until proven otherwise.

Extra Points: I hope Deshaun Watson is the answer for Houston because I’m tired of watching the Texans waste all of that talent. Eli is 36 but he’s going to have maneuver like he’s 26 if he wants to play again behind that line. How long before Adrian Peterson holds a “players only” meeting after giving Payton the death stare of the century? Marshawn Lynch is a national treasure and we need to cherish him forever.

Do the Colts REALLY want to sit here and tell us that Kap can’t help them after this?

Before we leave I’d like to remind you that you can get all the fantasy advice you need, dope podcast, and even more great content here at

@ me: madads14

As always, thanks for reading.

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Never fight the funk, ever.

Latest posts by Matthew (see all)


Never fight the funk, ever.

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