Can we start counting moral victories? Maybe? I mean, with Arizona’s win, we’re sitting in the driver position for a top 2 draft pick.

I know turnovers played a huge roll in the outcome of the game but there are still plenty of positives to take away from yesterday’s game.

Derek Carr looked fantastic in picking apart the Kansas City defense. Jarod Cook is still a matchup nightmare for any linebacking core in the league. And hopefully Jon Gruden learned after today that Jalen Richard is a talent worth keeping around and getting more involved in the game scheme.

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I hope Gruden also realizes that Jordy Nelsons production today was a glimpse of what used to be, not what can be.

Yes, our defense still needs major help. I understand Kansas City puts up 40 on everybody but this was Kareem ‘Kickball Champion’ Hunt. However, if your paying close attention, you’ll notice that Gereon Conley is developing into a shut down corner. Kansas City top wide receivers duo was held to 4 receptions for 38 yards and a TD. I know, Kelce torched us but that’s why he’s one of the best at his position.

Our rookies on the defensive front did a great job of holding their primary running backs in check. Ware and Williams combined for a total of 85 yards on 19 touches. I know Mahomes and Hill’s numbers inflate the overall total but that falls on a team effort, not necessarily just the defensive line. And you cant really judge their overall performance until they’ve a full NFL offseason training regimen.

The Derek Carr we saw play today is a game changer and the type of leader every NFL team needs. He was still sacked 3 times while being hit 6 times. However, he was poised in the pocket and put us in a position, if our D held up, to pull off a possible comeback victory.

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I know it sucks to look at the standings and see a 2-10 record. However, we’re in a position with draft capital and cap space to change things within 2 years if we make all the right moves. And that doesn’t mean suffering 2 more dreadful seasons like this years. If we can improve to 6-10 next year followed by an 8-8 season, the future doesn’t look so bad.

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