I am nothing if not introspective. Now that you, my 3 or 4 readers have been on this journey with me for several days, its time to revisit some past picks. On the 1/9/2019 slate, I recommended Jordan Clarkson of the Cavs. Clarkson did not disappoint and put up 41 fantasy points at 5200 DK. I of course ignored my own advice and used Cedi Osman who put up 16 fantasy points at 4400 DK. The moral of the story LISTEN to yourself. Anyway on to today’s picks.

Top Plays-

James Harden (12500 DK) versus Cleveland

Hi, my name is Jason, and I have a problem. I refuse to fade James Harden regardless of his price. In my defense he does average 62.7 fantasy points per game at home, and that includes games when CP3 has played, which is not this one. Fade the beard at your own risk, I’m not that brave.

Steph Curry (9900 DK) versus Chicago

This pick is contingent on whether or not the game turns into a blowout. If you believe Chicago can force Steph to at least tie his laces in the 4th quarter then you can do a lot worse then Curry against the Bulls porous defense.

Value Plays-

Gerald Green (4200 DK) versus Cleveland

Contrary to how Drew Carey feels, Cleveland does not rock, and in fact actually sucks. At 4200 with blowout written all over this game, Green figures to get plenty of minutes and should easily eclipse the 5x mark.

Alex Len (4200 DK) versus Philadelphia

Do you think Dewayne Dedmon will not be in foul trouble against Joel Embiid? There’s no way. Atlanta will need as many minutes as they can stomach at Center, which should allow Alex Len to easily eclipse value at a mere 4200.

Neva Play-

DeAndre Jordan (7300 DK) versus Minnesota

This play just does not sit well with me. The idea of DeAndre Jordan chasing Karl-Anthony Towns around all night scares me and while he put up 51 fantasy points against Minnesota earlier this season, that outcome is unlikely to reoccur.

Kyle Kuzma (7200 DK) versus Utah

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Fade Kyle Kuzma. Don’t fall victim to his 41 point effort in the Lakers’s previous game, the Jazz’s slow pace coupled with LeBron’s pending return are enough to intimidate Kyle and sending him plummeting back down to Earth.

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