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Daily fantasy sports and traditional sports betting have a lot in common. Both are extremely popular forms of gambling, are played for both fun and for money, and both require at least a basic knowledge of the sport that is being bet on or played with. It is also possible to use both to make long term profits if the skill set is there.

Despite the many similarities, there are also some key differences. The main difference is the fact that when playing daily fantasy sports, you are playing against other players, while when betting on sports, you are betting against the bookmakers.

There are also differences when it comes to the legality of the two. As a general rule, you can play daily fantasy sports pretty much anywhere in the world as there are a lot fewer rules that govern the playing of these games, as it makes it much easier for new players to join. This has made Fantasy Sports extremely widespread in the past few years. Research done by shows that 21% of the U.S. population are Fantasy Sports players, which is a testament to how popular they’re becoming.

Sports betting, on the other hand, has a few regulations attached in many countries and there are complicated laws attached to it which are particularly relevant in the United States. The only place that you are able to bet on sports in the USA is Las Vegas. Daily fantasy sports, however, have never been legally controversial in the USA and you can play it easily on your computer.

As mentioned previously, both types of betting offer the opportunity for you to profit from them if you have a strong knowledge of a particular sport. Additionally, you have to be able to translate this knowledge into mathematically advantageous strategies.

Some people even manage to make a living from one or the other, but you would have to be prepared to work hard, and it is certainly not something for everyone, and is not really advised.

In terms of commission, daily fantasy sports sites tend to keep around a 10% commission on all entry fees before they pay out any cash prizes. Bookmakers will also keep a commission, but the net amount is usually lower. Therefore, if you are playing fantasy sports, you will have to maintain a higher winning percentage in the long run.

Gambling of any kind can be addictive and daily fantasy sports are no exception. Without the right levels of self-control, it is entirely possibly to gain a dependence on both types of gambling being discussed.

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