With Superstar QB1 Carson Wentz finally now cleared to play and QB Nate Sudfeld looking like a legit QB2 where does that leave QB Nick Foles as The Eagles head into week 4 of the regular season? I love Foles. I bleed green, and I will always be grateful to him for bringing The Philadelphia Eagles There first ever Lombardi trophy. With that said there’s no denying that Carson Wentz is much better than Nick Foles, and The Eagles could free up some cap space, add a WR, and a decent draft pick by trading him. If this occurs other NFL GMs that want Foles will point to his bad game in a win against The Falcons in week one, and slow start before getting hot in week two in an attempt to lower what Howie Roseman will ask for in exchange for Nick Foles. Howie Roseman is highly intelligent and won’t fall for that nonsense because he knows just as well as I do That his recent Super Bowl MVP is still better than several starters around the league. Here’s my list of 10 starting QBs in the NFL that Nick Foles is superior to.

1: Sam Bradford QB Arizona Cardinals. This one is perhaps the most obvious. Bradford has been absolutely dreadful this year for Arizona Cardinals as he has yet to throw a TD pass in three games. He has never won more than 8 games in a season. what on earth was Arizona thinking when they signed the NFL’s biggest draft bust at QB in recent memory to a one year deal worth 20 million just to start the season 0-3?!!

2: Andy Dalton QB Cincinnati Bengals. Dalton is not necessarily bad, but he’s 0-8 in the playoffs while Nick Foles has the best QBR in playoff history.

3: Every QB on The Bills roster. Do I really need to explain myself here? Go Bills Mafia! Maybe next year.

4: Tyrod Taylor QB Cleveland Browns. Tyrod Taylor is a decent QB, but he’s a runner first and a dropback QB with questionable accuracy second. It looks like the rookie QB Baker Mayfield has taken over for him, and there’s obviously a big reason for that.

5: Ben Roethlisberger QB Pittsburg Steelers. Big Ben has been terrible this year and has been a complete shell of himself for the last few seasons. He is an old QB who is simply past his prime. Nick Foles is better than Big Ben in two very important areas: Foles has superior accuracy and doesn’t turn the ball over. While they are both proven winners in their respective careers Foles is better right now. That being said I’d rather not see St. Nick play for Shitsburg.

6: Dak Prescott QB Dallas Cowboys. This is almost as obvious as Sam Bradford. After having one good season with seemingly a thousand weapons at his disposal Dak has played like the backup QB he was drafted to be. He has proven to be a one year wonder

Image result for Dak Prescott fumbleafter playing well below average in 2017 and during the regular season so far this season as well. Dallas should put QB Mike White in if they have any hopes of keeping up with Philadelphia. Dak is a terrible QB even in a QB friendly offense. I bet that Cowboys fans miss Tony Romo with a passion.

7: Eli Manning QB New York Giants (at this stage in his career) A fairly obvious selection here too. Eli Manning has never been Peyton Manning but he used to be able to win. He was 2-12 as the Giants starter last year, and they stupidly decided to go all in on the suddenly below average QB this year. Now The Giants are 0-3 and can get nothing done offensively despite having RB Saquon Barkley, WR1 Odell Beckham Jr., and TE Evan Engram on the roster.

8: Case Keenum QB Denver Broncos. Keenum is average but wins games. He’s a bit like Tim Tebow in that way. Foles boasts a superior arm in terms of the deep ball, and accuracy, and he’s a more vocal leader. I like Keenum, but Foles could take The Broncos to new heights given the chance.

9: Blake Bortles QB Jacksonville Jaguars.  This one really needs no explanation.  Despite having the best game of his career in a win over the patriots the Jaguars are still a QB away from serious contention.

So what team would actually call Howie for a trade and be willing to pony up at least a third-round pick and a field stretching WR? I think The Arizona Cardinals certainly make the most sense. They’re going nowhere and their young QBs are not ready to play NFL football. They are rebuilding. Just don’t bloody give us Bradford as a throw in backup QB!!

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