In an effort to keep up with Fanduels’ recent weekly competition where the requirements of who you can choose changes, DraftKings will release their own “version” of that on Tuesday. In this event, in what will be called DraftKings Arcade mode, DFS players will select one pitcher and 5 hitters. This should make it much easier. Some DFS users do not like to use DK, solely based on the fact that it can be hard sometimes to choose 2 pitchers, especially if the slate is very watered down pitching wise.

In this new competition, the batters that the user chooses will have no positional requirement, allowing said user to go heavy in whatever position they choose to. There will also be different scoring possibilities, let’s go through the new breakdown.

Hitter Scoring

Plate Appearance = +1 PT
Hit = +5 PTs
Run = +6.75 PTs
RBI = +6.75 PTs
Stolen Base = +12.5 PTs
Base on Balls = +3.2 PTs
Hit by Pitch = +3.2 PTs
Sacrifice Fly = +3.2 PTs

Bonus Points

Double = +2 PTs
Triple = +4 PTs
Home Run = +15 PTs
Grand Slam = +10 PTs
Home Run/Stolen Base Combo = +10 PTs (Max 1 per player)
1st Hit = +5 PTs (Max 1 per player)

Pitcher Scoring

Inning Pitched = +4.2 PTs
Strikeout = +4.5 PTs
Win = +9 PTs
Earned Run Allowed = -4.5 PTs
Hit Against = -1.2 PTs
Base on Balls Against = -1.2 PTs
Hit Batsman = -1.2 PTs

Bonus Points

Complete Game = +5 PTs
Complete Game Shutout = +5 PTs
No Hitter = +10 PTs

Many of those categories are new, and most of them will make the competition 100 times more exciting. The daily DFS user roots for a home run from more than a few of their players, in this event you also get 10 PTs for a grand slam from said player. The scoring for this should easily be over the 200 range, even 250 for taking down a GPP.

Suggestions: When it comes to who to choose for this new event, the big names, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper come to mind. Odds are those will be the two players who are the most owned, just about every day that they play. The reason for this being that not only can they hit a grand slam, but they can also steal bases if needed. Getting that Home Run/ Stolen Base combo from a player will be a huge get. Other players to keep an eye on are anybody who bats 4th in the lineup on a consistent basis, and that is behind 3 players who get on base a lot. Those players such as Carlos Correa, Anthony Rizzo, and Paul Goldschmidt should also be highly owned. When it comes to pitching, the scoring is about the same. You don’t want a pitcher who walks more than they strikeout. Pitchers who can go the length of the game, or even throw a no-hitter on any day should be owned when they pitch. The top go-to pitchers should be Max Scherzer, who is a nightly threat to throw a no-no, and Noah Syndergaard, when healthy.

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