A big thank you goes out to FanDuel for bringing us 2-day slates with four games instead of the difficult 2-game slate. I didn’t put out an advice column for yesterday and thankfully I didn’t — my lineups were not good. There is a much larger pool of players now, so I will go back to do top plays for each position and a few value plays…


Jewell Loyd (SEA) vs NY $7,800

Three games into the season and Loyd is leading the WNBA in scoring. The Liberty present somewhat of a challenge, but not enough of a challenge to fade her. There isn’t a ton of value on this slate, so you’re going to have to be choosy on who you pay up for.

Skylar Diggins-Smith (DAL) @ SA $6,500

After an off night in her first game, she bounced back as I predicted with 39 FanDuel points against the second rated defense in the WNBA, the Minnesota Lynx, with a 92 in defensive rating. Tonight she gets a matchup with a team in the bottom four in defensive rating, the Stars. Look for a similar line with 35-40 FanDuel points tonight.

Cappie Pondexter (CHI) @ WAS $7,900

She just had her second straight double-double, and it came against these same Mystics.  She has been one of the more consistent fantasy scorers so far in this young season, and a great matchup with the Mystics tonight won’t change that. Look for 32-40 FanDuel points tonight.


Tina Charles (NY) @ SEA $8,000

“If you predict a breakout, but on one is around to hear it, does it really count?”. The answer to that question is a resounding “No”. I didn’t do an advice column for the last slate, but I did look at the slate of games, and I said to myself, “Self, Tina Charles is going to have her breakout game tonight”. Unfortunately, I didn’t put pen to paper, so it doesn’t count. Now that she has broken out, expect her to go on a little hot streak starting tonight against the Storm, who currently have a bottom five rating on defense.

Jonquel Jones (CON) vs MIN $8,300

I know, I know, I’m not addressing the elephant in the room. Sylvia Fowles is $9,000 and is playing amazing. She has reached double-doubles in all of her games save one and is coming off a 54.6 FanDuel point explosion. I just can’t bring myself to pay up for her though. There isn’t a ton of value on this slate for you to be able to fit her in, and for $700 less you can have Jonquel Jones. She doesn’t have quite the upside that Fowles has, but she is more than capable of getting double-doubles.

Morgan Tuck (CON) vs MIN $6,200

Tuck has an interesting trend over her first three games, her points have gone down in each game so far this season while her rebounds have gone up each time. That trend landed her a double-double in her last game to go along with three assists and three steals. She gets a tough matchup tonight, but she is one of the better mid-tier options on this slate.


G Allie Quigley (CHI) @ WAS $3,100

WNBA FanDuel Lineup 5/25 - 5/26This one is an easy one for me. Anytime you have a player that’s $3,100 and plays 35 minutes a game, yes please, where do I sign up? I don’t know if she will get that many minutes again tonight, but her price is too hard to pass up on a slate that has very little value.

G Tierra Ruffin-Pratt (WAS) vs CHI $4,500

This feels a little like chasing points to me, but the lack of obvious value makes it hard to ignore that she just put up 35.5 FanDuel points in her most recent game, a game against the very team she plays tonight.

G Alex Bentley (CON) vs MIN $4,200

Bentley has been quite average over her first three games, but you have to love that she gets a good amount of minutes, averaging over 25 per game. She just played this same team a few nights ago and she put up 18.2 FanDuel points, but now that she is at home maybe she can improve on those numbers.

F Isabelle Harrison (SA) vs DAL $4,200

I think I’ve had her as one of my values pretty much every time she has played, and she hasn’t really put up the best of numbers, but on a night like tonight with so little value she may be all you have.

F Alysha Clark (SEA) vs NY $3,500

Clark is another one of those players that are sub-4k and plays 30-plus minutes a night. Her shot has been off the first few games as she is shooting a mere 27.8 percent from the field, and has yet to knock down a single three despite being a 34.5 percent shooter from beyond the arc. If her shot falls in this game, she could be a steal at $3,500.

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  1. For the Thursday Friday slate used a bunch of these suggestion I see FD has quickly priced a lot of the value up for the Friday only slate.

    T. Ruffin-Pratt $4.5K is now $5K for Friday
    Quigley $3.1K is now $5K for Friday

    Also while Pondexter has been balling lately Quigley came back last game and probably Vandersloot will start seeing time so at $7.9K I don’t think she is a clear cut lock.

    At $7.7k Delle Donne is a lock for me. She isn’t rebounding as much but scoring is still there and she gets a part II revenge match up against her previous team. Last game against Chicago she put up 36 FD pts.

          • Thanks man, good to talk WNBA with someone since there isn’t much info out there on it. One last question for a value F play who do you like better Cheyenne Parker (decent ceiling), Kia Vaughn (averaging 20 minutes), or Kiah Stokes (averaging 23 minutes and ceiling)?

          • I was building lineups this morning and I kept landing on Parker. I’d rank them in the order you have them. If you have Twitter, follow me at @geofflambert77. It’s quicker for me to respond there. If not, you can still post here.

      • Also Jonquel Jones she got owned my Fowles in their first meeting of the year and had 5 fouls pretty early on. What are your thoughts on a Tier 2 player Maya Moore or Tina Charles, or Jewel Loyd?


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