Another crazy week has gone by in the NBA, and there are some players that have been grabbing my eye, and as always there are players that have made me close my eyes. Here are some of the Buy Low, Sell High options for the week of 1/27.

Sell High

G/F Jaylen Brown BOS                           

Jaylen Brown took everyone by storm the first couple months of the season when he averaged 14 PPG in the first two months of the season. After last season he only averaged 9.3 PPG last year. So yes, Brown got off to a good start, and that caught everyone off guard especially when Gordon Hayward went down.

However, his monthly scoring averages have slightly decreased as the year has progressed he started the season averaging 15 PPG in the month of October and now in the month of January is down to 12 PPG. As I’m reading his monthly statistics, his scoring numbers are dropping, however his assists numbers have increased. All in all, I think while Brown’s value is still a little high,  I would sell him ASAP.

Sell High

SF Otto Porter, WSH

Otto Porter has been a big piece for the Washington Wizards over the years, and someone who Bradley Beal and John Wall could turn too when both of them are being heavily defended. Otto started the season in the month of October averaging a jaw-dropping 18.7 PPG which is what the Wizards have wanted out of him for a long time.

However, just like Jaylen Brown, those numbers would soon plummet. It would then drop to 14 PPG, then 13 PPG, and now down to 9 PPG. I don’t know what the issue is, it certainly isn’t time because he’s averaging 32 MPG this month. You’re really not getting any other stats from Porter other than points, three pointers made and maybe 4-5 rebounds per game.

Porter, has some name weight, but I think before his numbers get any worse, and becomes completely untradeable you need to sell him.

Sell High

F/C Serge Ibaka, TOR 

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Ever since Serge left OKC he has had problems. However, when he signed with the Raptors in the last season, a lot of fans had hope that this would rebound his career. A big guy who can stretch the floor, knock down the three a little bit and block some shots is valuable on just about every NBA team in the league.

The problem is, Serge hasn’t really been consistent. Now, personally I’ve never really been a big fan of Ibaka and his stats in October and December prove me wrong. He averaged 15 PPG and 5 RPG, and in December he averaged 16 PPG and just under 7 RBG, also in both months almost averaging a block and a half a game. Serge however just hasnt been getting it done in the month of January, and with the dynamic duo of DeRozan and Lowry back, I just don’t see Serge getting that many touches.

Now, he is coming off a double-double against the Jazz which shows good signs. I just think, if I have Ibaka on my team, I am looking to trade him to see if I could get deeper value. Mostly because, Ibaka has a lot of name weight so you could absolutely get a more consistent performer for him.

Buy Low 

Center Bismack Biyombo, ORL

Nikola Vucevic is hurt, and has no intention of coming back soon. This means trouble for the Orlando Magic right? Wrong. Bismack Biyombo spent the 2015-2016 season coming off the bench for the Toronto Raptors, however he still averaged 8.0 rebounds per game and had a Player Efficiency Rating just under 15 which is the league average. Which is incredible for a bench player.

Anyways, Vucevic goes down and since then Biyombo has looked like a man possessed. Averaging 9 PPG, along with just under 9 and a half rebounds per game and just over 2 BPG. Almost averaging a double-double. The problem with Biyombo is the scoring numbers are going to be down.

So if you’re looking for scoring Bismack is not your guy. But, if you’re looking for double-digit rebounds and close to 5 blocks per game because Demarcus Cousins got hurt, look no further.

Buy Low 

G Dejonte Murray, SA

Dejonte Murray is going to be one of the faces of the Spurs in 3 years or less. The man has so much potential it’s not even funny. The problem has been that Tony Parker has been the anchor for the Spurs offense for the longest time. However, Parker has aged and finally Gregg Popopvich has made the switch.

Murray is now going to start for the Spurs at point guard for the rest of the season. Which means for fantasy owners, pick him up or trade for him NOW. His PPG numbers are around 10 since he took the starting role. But, the man is a fantasy machine, consistent in rebounds, assists and steals. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers the other night Murray contributed, 19 points, 7 steals, 10 rebounds and 3 assists. Not to mention he has had 25 minutes plus every game he has started.

I think he may be more valuable at this point than Biyombo just because he is going to start for a playoff contending Spurs team.

Buy Low 

F Michael Beasley, NYK

Michael Beasley has been considered by NBA fans as one of the biggest busts of all time. The man picked after Derrick Rose, and actually who most draft analysts had going number one overall. Nonetheless, Beasley has been cooking in New York.

Beasley spent some time over seas a couple years ago and was efficient, he made his return to the NBA last year with the Bucks and did nothing special. This year, he joined the Knicks and wasn’t expected to do anything special. The first two months of the season went as expected, averaging 4.4 PPG and 8.4 PPG. Then, December hit Beasley exploded for 15.3 PPG including two 30 point games.

The numbers would continue to rise in January, where he is averaging close to 18 PPG. Not to mention his player efficiency rating which is 20.03 which is higher than players like, Rudy Gobert, John Wall and Bradley Beal. Beasley is absolutely a guy every fantasy owner should have on their team.

He still has that tag of a “Bust” which is far from the truth, but because of that label everyone has put on him he should be easy to acquire.


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