One of the most frowned upon decisions in today’s society is the act of quitting. If someone hasn’t told you to  “never quit” throughout your childhood, you evidently needed to get out more. Every single one of my friends from elementary school played rec soccer as a kid. As they grew older many of them fell out of love with the sport (I mean it’s pretty easy to do so) and before making the decision to leave the team they were shamed. I ended up doing this in 5th grade (it ended up being a great year needless to say) and instead of calling it rquitting the team, quitting, my coaches and parents called it “retiring”. I’ll never forget that. In my generation, quitting has become synonymous with weakness. Why is that? Quitting a job for another opportunity is a huge risk, and if you never take a chance, how can you expect to be successful. Quitting, in some ways, should be glorified, and especially in fantasy football.

By the end of week two, owners start to notice that their sleepers aren’t panning out. When the reality sets in that the player you hyped for so much of the summer actually sucks, it’s pretty tough. It’s time to release these guys. They had enough chances. The waiver wire is simply too appealing to ignore at this point, so let’s quit together.


Cut’em or Keep’em Week 2

 Vincent Jackson, (TB) 66.1% owned

Honestly, I don’t know how Jackson was deemed draftable this year. In some leagues, people were selecting him in the tenth round!!! What??? How??? Sorry Tampa fans, but the successful portion of Jackson’s career is over. He is now three years removed from his last 4 TD + season, and two years removed from his last 1000 YD season. He’s an aging red-zone target in an offense with a former 1st round pick that’s 23 years old and 6-5. Give up.  VerdictCut 

 Tavon Austin, (LA) 69.5% owned 

Man, talk about Jeff Fisher wasting yet another talent (watch out Todd Gurley). Tavon Austin is, simply put, electric. He is dynamic and young, but also cannot put up statistics for the life of him. Between 2013 and 2014 teams selected seven WRs in the first 28 picks of the draft. Austin is the only one to not put up over 1000 yards once. He won’t get enough legitimate volume this year to succeed.  Verdict:  Cut 

Justin Forsett, (BAL) 70.4% owned

I wrote about Forsett last week and not much has changed. He’s still inefficient, but he also is getting the bulk of Baltimore’s workload. I absolutely would never want to start him, but depth is something most fantasy owners would die for, and Forsett provides that. Once Kenneth Dixon returns from his injury pick him up, but until then, roll with Forsett.  Verdict:  Keep

Kirk Cousins, (WAS) 80.8% owned

I am the biggest Redskins fan you’ll ever meet (@ me I dare you). One thing I will admit that is wrong with the team this year is Captain Kirk. Sunday’s game against Dallas was incredibly hard to watch because of Cousins’ drive killing decisions and throws. He single-handedly killed Desean Jackson’s day with a deep overthrow when Jackson had a surefire TD, and also killed the team with his late red-zone INT. Fantasy aside, he just is not playing good football. Period. Verdict: Cut


Kevin White, (CHI) 74.7% owned

When you look up Kevin White in the dictionary the first definition that pops up is “Physical specimen of an NFL wide receiver with the ideal traits of an All-Pro talent”. Why’s that? 6’3, 215 lbs, 4.35 40. He’s an absolute beast, but he has yet to perform that way on the field. He technically is only two games into his NFL career, so don’t worry too much about him not producing yet. With a new QB under center, the chemistry issues are shared with all receivers, not just White. Look for White to finally take the next step in the coming weeks. Verdict:  Keep

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