1. First Down

Another week. Another botched domestic violence case for the NFL.

Kareem Hunt was in an altercation with a woman back in February. Kareem admitted that he then lied to the organization about his role in the altercation. Keep these facts in mind for later.

There have been reports that the woman Hunt pushed called him the N word and that’s what put him over the edge. If she did indeed do that it’s still no excuse for Hunt to put his hands on her. I get it, as a black man that’s the one word that evokes a hurtful rage but pushing her is only going to make matters worse on every single level.

The Chiefs and the NFL knew about the altercation and started their own “investigation.” During this “investigation” the league did not talk to Hunt or the woman involved in the incident. They read the police report, spoke to a few witnesses, and subpoenaed the hotel and the police department for the video, which was denied. The NFL didn’t even do the bare minimum in regards to the situation. Another chapter in a long book of doing absolutely nothing.

TMZ, though, found a way to obtain the video in which Hunt is seen pushing the woman and kicking her while going back to his room. Friends are seen trying to restrain Hunt but to no avail.

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The Chiefs cut Kareem a few hours after the video was released. He cleared waivers and he is a free agent. Hunt can sign to any team he chooses. The NFL placed him on the Commissioner’s non-exempt list. He can’t practice or play if a team does sign him.  There are also reports that Hunt may get a lengthy suspension once he does return.

The NFL’s decision to place Hunt on the non-exempt list is the correct one but, as usual, the punishment is reactionary. Their laziness in investigating domestic violence allegations on the front end is disgraceful at best. This is the second time TMZ has gotten footage of a domestic assault that the league claimed they couldn’t get for whatever reason. The NFL is the richest league in America, they have the resources to get any video they desire it’s just that…the desire isn’t there. Maybe knowing that TMZ is lurking in the shadows will light a fire to start doing their due diligence but it probably won’t.

It’s amazing that TMZ is acting as the current system of checks and balances for the NFL.

A sentence I thought I’d never have to type.

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2. Second Down

The 2004 draft is one that may go down as one of the best in NFL history. Larry Fitzgerald, Vince Wilfork, Sean Taylor, Bob Sanders, and Jared Allen are just a few names that came out that year.

The main story from that draft was the infamous Eli Manning/Philip Rivers trade.

Manning had decided that he wasn’t going to San Diego and demanded a trade. (Interesting nugget, one of the main reasons demanded that trade was seeing how the Chargers botched the whole Ryan Leaf thing so he had a decent point.) The Chargers traded Eli for Rivers and they’ve been linked ever since.

It’s also worth noting that Ben Roethlisberger was also drafted that year but he’s going to sit this one out.

Since 2004 Eli has went on to win two Super Bowls while Rivers’ wedding band is the only jewelry on his finger. Most fans end the argument there, saying that Eli is better, but we’ve noted many times that people who only rely on the rings argument are either Cowboys fans or Cowboys fans.

Rivers is better than Eli and it’s not even close.

Let’s start with the numbers. Rivers has a better completion percentage, more average yards per attempt, more TDs, fewer INTs, and more wins. Also, let the record show that Eli has played in 20 more games than Rivers.

Let’s be honest: Manning was fortunate enough to play with a defense that caught fire and won him two rings. They only scored 17 points in the first Super bowl and 21 in the second.

If you aren’t a numbers person then let’s jump to personality.

Let’s not forget that time he heckled Jay Cutler on national television.

Eli, you’re up.

Rivers also throws the ball like a shot put, is about to have his ninth kid, and commutes to and from San Diego in this earth destroyer.

It’s not even close.

A part of me does wish the Phillip landed in New York. His personality in that city is something to be desired.

3. Third Down

Green Bay got their offseason started early by firing Mike McCarthy Sunday after an ugly home loss to the Cardinals. There were rumors saying that the Packers were going to fire Mike this offseason but once you lose to Josh Rosen that process is automatically expedited.

The most interesting part of this story is how he and Aaron Rodgers weren’t on the same page.

It’s been said many times that McCarthy wasted Rodgers’ prime and there’s some truth to that. When you have the best quarterback of a generation you do what you must to put him in positions to win. This move, however, is about four years too late. This job is still appealing but whoever takes over must know that there’s a three year window before your world goes under.



4. Fourth Down

On Monday night the Washington racial slurs lost backup quarterback Colt McCoy to a broken leg.

Mark Sanchez has been in Washington for two weeks and if showed on MNF. He looked out of place and the playbook was reduced because he doesn’t know the entire offense yet. Washington is now back on the QB market looking for a backup to Sanchez. Let’s just say the list is about as inspiring as a DIII school prepping to play Alabama.

The only name missing is Mr. Checkdown himself; Sam Bradford.

Washington eventually signed Josh Johnson but, without Google, tell me something you didn’t know about him.


If only there was a guy out there that played QB that might actually give you a chance to win…

It’s also worth noting that Washington would rather sign a man who’s been accused of hitting his girlfriend for the second time this year over a man who’s used countless resources to make the world a better place.

But..you know…pig socks.

5. Extra Points

  • Is Aaron Donald the best tackle in football and Mr. Universe? No one is here to tell me he’s not so I guess both are true.

  • After watching the Patriots play Sunday it’s clear that Gronk does not have a lot of football left in his body.
  • As a former offensive lineman seeing Jason Kelce lead Sproles to the endzone made me smile like my stomach was full of Crown Royal.


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