Let’s be honest, okay?

This week presented us with a bad slate of games. Outside of the Eagles/Panthers and Steelers/Chiefs there really weren’t any marquee matchups. Yes, there were a lot of close games but a tight score doesn’t mean good football.

With that, there are still plenty of stories to talk about.

Let’s start the drive.

1st Down: With 6:57 left the first quarter the entire NFC playoff picture went up in smoke. Aaron Rodgers‘ collarbone was broken, on a clean hit, by Anthony Barr and he’s out for the season. Brett Hundley took the reigns and looked like a young quarterback that was thrown in the fire unexpectedly. I think Brett will improve as he gets more experience but it goes without saying that he’s not 12. Rodgers is the best quarterback in the game and, as I like to call him, the greatest equalizer. He can single-handedly win games with his playmaking and accuracy. Just ask the folks in Dallas how important he is to the Packers.

So what now?

If the playoffs started today the Eagles, Vikings, Panthers, Rams, Packers and Saints would be in with the Falcons and Seahawks lurking in the wings. Needless to say; this picture is wild af and no one saw this coming. The NFC playoff picture will be one of, if not the biggest, story of the season.

2nd Down: Colin Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL. He’s arguing that the owners have colluded to keep him out of the league. The base of his argument is that the climate that President Trump has created, through tweets and comments at rallies, has influenced owners to stray away from signing him.

I’m no lawyer but this case has some bite.

The president, on numerous occasions, has admitted to talking to owners and telling them not to sign players. A recent talk with Jerry Jones had the Cowboys’ owner drawing a firm line in the sand about kneeling for the anthem. Other owners donated to Trump’s inauguration. It’s evident that there is a clear line of communication with the president and his voice is influencing their decisions. This, as with any case, proof is everything. Can Kap’s legal team prove that the owner’s are indeed blackballing him? Also, what happens if Colin wins this case?

Honestly this all the proof they need.


3rd Down: I thought Adrian Peterson was done and man was I wrong. All he needed to do was join the other senior citizens in Arizona and he’s returned to form. AP had 26 carries for 134 yards and two touchdowns. I don’t expect numbers like that for the rest of the year but he’s clearly what the doctor ordered. The Cardinals are 3-3 with a manageable schedule. It wouldn’t be surprising if they are fighting for a wild card spot at the end of the season.

4th Down: The Raiders are 2-4 and Derek Carr is essentially playing with a broken back. They still have to play the Chiefs twice, the Eagles in Philadelphia, and the Patriots. Lynch was signed as the final piece to the puzzle but it’s time to shut it down for the season. If that means making up an injury to put beast mode on IR then so be it. Carr is struggling and Cooper‘s hands are made of stone. The defense just signed NaVorro Bowman but that’s not enough. Sorry Raider Nation, maybe next year.

Extra Points: Stop me when you’ve heard this before: the Falcons blow a lea…..Every time Deshaun Watson throws a touchdown a new wrinkle forms on Hue Jackson’s forehead. I’m really sick and tired of Brady crying and yelling at officials because someone has the nerve to actually hit him. He’s gold in Boston, not anywhere else. I feel sorry for J.J. Watt; he’s played on these sorry Houston teams for years and the moment they get a quarterback he goes on IR. Which sportswriter will be the first to type, “Odell Beckham‘s absence is actually great for the Giants.”

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