Goingfor2.com will have MLB plays daily to help you take on your bookie, and bring home some dough!

We will base the bets on a 100$ a bet basis, but of course, you can bet however much you want. The odds we will use are from Bovada. Games that do not have odds set up when the time of the article is written will not be included in the plays no matter how good the odds look at the time they are released.

  • MLB 2018 Season (5-4)
  • Preview of 6-26-18
  • Games: 15 games
  • 5 Games in the AL
  • 5 Games in the NL
  • 5 Interleague Game
  • Bets: 1 Parlay play

On this full slate of games, there are many good looking games that seem like they are sure shots. They fall at bad odds so we will put them together and try to hit a big money return via the parlay bet.


So we here we go

Play 1: Yankees ML

Play 2: Mariners ML

Play 3: Nationals ML

Risk $100 to win $257.90

Parlays are scary bets because if you lose one you lose the whole bet. This one, however, we are going with a very pitcher strong parlay. We will be leaving the games up to Luis Severino for the Yankees, who has been incredibly good this year with the Yankees winning 14 of his 16 starts on the season. James Paxton will pitch for the Mariners, Paxton is struggling this month but has played the top three teams hitting wise this season, and the Mariners also won two of those three games. I trust him to pitch well against Baltimore who is second to last in batting this season. Lastly, Max Scherzer will be on the mound for the Nationals against the Rays. The last game Scherzer pitched against the Rays he pitched against Nathan Eovaldi, who will start against Scherzer once again. The Nationals won that game 4-2, and Eovaldi has not won a start since. If all pitchers pitch to their fullest potential this parlay should be a lock!

Good luck if you follow the Parlay tomorrow.

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