NFL DFS: Week 1 “Spade or Fade” 9/10/17 (FanDuel & DraftKings)

It’s finally time for football season! This is the most exciting time of the year for the DFS community as we have multiple million dollar prizes available as well as many other large events with extreme payouts!  This year will be my first year as a writer and I will be writing weekly articles titled “Spade or Fade.” I will pick a few of the popular projected plays for the upcoming weekend and call each player a Spade or a Fade.  A Spade means I agree with the hype and advise you to EAT THE CHALK.  A Fade obviously means FADE! Let’s get started!


Julio Jones

NFL FanDuel DraftKings 9/10/17 Fade or SpadeJulio is a no-brainer and will be a staple in my lineups this weekend.  He is my top overall play on the slate, and it’s not close.  The Falcons have the highest implied total of Week 1, and there is no doubt that Julio will be a major part of that.  There may be question marks as to how the offense will run without Kyle Shanahan running the offense, but the connection between Matt Ryan and Julio Jones is unquestionable.  Expect Atlanta to make a statement against a struggling Bears team and feed Julio early and often.  I recommend you have very high exposure to Julio this weekend.


LeSean McCoy

A lot of DFS players seem to be high on Shady this weekend, but I believe he is not worth his price tag.  People are looking at the matchup with the Jets and salivating over it.  To be honest, I was too until recently.  I looked at last year’s matchups between Buffalo and NYJ and then my mind completely changed.  Here are Shady’s lines vs. NYJ last year:

Game 1- 15 rushes for 59 yards and 4 receptions for 31 yards.                                                                    Game 2- 5 rushes for 10 yards and 1 reception for 6 yards

Yes, I understand he wasn’t used much in the last game, but still, these are not good numbers for Shady at all.  Also, there is a grand total of 0 touchdowns.  He may perform better than this, but I will personally take the savings and go for of the many running backs in the mid-priced tier. My favorite of the bunch might be-


Todd Gurley

NFL FanDuel DraftKings 9/10/17 Fade or Spade

It’s no surprise to anyone that Gurley was an overall disappointment last year based on his projections.  One thing that was not a disappointment, however, is a number of touches he gets for the Rams offense.  I don’t know if he will ever be as good as he looked at the beginning of his rookie season, but he can still produce with his volume.  With Andrew Luck ruled out of this game, I don’t think anyone expects the Colts offense to be efficient in this game.  The Rams should have the ball more than they usually do and should be using Gurley at a very high rate.  He should rack up yards by pure volume, and if he gets a touchdown he will CRUSH his price tag.  Gurley is my single favorite running back play of the week and I recommend him everywhere.


Le’Veon Bell

Jesse what the hell is wrong with you?!  It’s your first article and you want people to trust you by telling them to FADE LE’VEON BELL!?  Well let me explain:

Everyone seems to have questions about what Bell will or won’t do, and yet he is projected to be perhaps the highest played running back of the weekend.  Some people have heard that maybe he will only play for 20 plays, people disagree and look beyond that.  Others question if he is going to be sharp considering he wasn’t even with the team during most of the preseason, people disagree and look beyond that.  Some other people question how he and the team will respond to each other based on the tension of his future with Pittsburgh, people disagree and look beyond that.  At some point, how many question marks will it take before we all realize that just maybe he’s not worth risking at his price tag?  I am not saying that Bell will have a bad game, but I am saying that if I decide to spend that much of my salary for a running back it will most certainly be David Johnson.  I will probably be spending up at receiver and quarterback, but David Johnson is the safer of the expensive monster running backs.  FADE for Bell.

Thank you all for reading.  Any feedback is welcome and much appreciated.  I hope you all have an excellent start to the NFL season!!



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