QB Jared Goff from the Los Angles Rams had a horrible start to his NFL career.  However, with coaching changes and a good draft and free agency, Goff is in a position to show why he was the 1st overall pick in 2016.  New Head Coach Sean McVay has replaced Jeff Fisher.  McVay added Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips to help run the defense.  We will get to why that is important for Goff later.  First, let’s take a look at Goff’s numbers from 2016.

Goff made his first start against the Dolphins in Week 11 and went to finish out the season.  He threw for 1089 yards, 5 touchdowns against 7 interceptions.  He completed 112 out of 205 passes.  He showed a lot of promise but did not live up to his potential by losing all 7 games.  It is hard to get a good read on someone who played half a season and had his head coach fail the team though.

Goff is slated to be the starting QB for the entire season and has the tools on the offensive side to make some impressive numbers.  He will rely on WR’s Tavon Austin and Robert Woods as well as RB Todd Gurley.  Both are known dangerous and can help make big plays.  Goff will have had more time to develop his relationships with both of them, as well as his new coach. McVay has brought in some help on the offensive line, to help provide Goff more time to make the play.  However, Goff will have to become much more comfortable making plays while on the run, as well as make better decisions.

I said earlier that Wade Phillips coming in to run the defense was going to be a huge help, and here is how.  Phillips is a legend at building defenses.  If he can do that with the Rams, then Goff won’t be under as much pressure.  Playing from behind can destroy confidence, so having the defense helped keep it close should allow him to do better.

Goff has all the athletic talent in the world and has shown a glimpse of greatness.  If he steps up and becomes the QB of the future for the Rams, Goff will lead the Rams to their first winning record since 2003.  I am not expecting much more but a 3000-yard season with 20 Touchdowns to 12 interceptions is reasonable.  Don’t draft him early, but he might be a good sleeper or flex option down the road, and as such, you should keep your eyes on him.

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